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Instructional Model Switch Request Forms Now Available

Beginning today, we are opening the window for two weeks to allow parents to switch instructional models for the 3rd 9-week grading period. Families will have the opportunity to switch between in-person instruction and the Virtual Academy through Tuesday, December 1, 2020. Switches made through this process will be effective at the start of the 3rd 9-weeks, which begins on January 5, 2021. Additional opportunities to switch will be available at each 9-week grading period during this school year. If you wish for your student to remain in their current instructional model preference, no action is required from you at this time. 

Below you will find links for forms to request to switch your student’s instructional model. The forms are specific to each school, and you will need to complete a separate form for each of your students. After your request form is received, you will receive a follow-up call from your child’s campus to verify that you are requesting the switch and to discuss other related information. It is important that you connect with your campus for this call. If you have students at more than one campus, you should receive a call from each campus.

Important Reminders

Please review the following important reminders before completing a request form as it could impact your choice of instructional model:

In-person Instruction:

  • We ask for support and cooperation from parents to send all students to school with a mask regardless of age.
    • During times of transition, all students will wear a mask. If your student does not have a mask, one will be provided to them.  
  • Parents are to self-screen their students for symptoms of COVID-19 daily in compliance with this Acknowledgment and Agreement. Parents are expected not to send their child to a SAISD facility if the child or anyone in the child’s household has any of the COVID-19 symptoms.
  • At this time and until further notice, visitors are not permitted on our school campuses during the school day as part of our updated district-wide visitor policy to minimize the exposure and community spread of COVID-19. 

Virtual Academy:

  • Virtual Academy students are expected to log-in daily, although scheduling of the day can be flexible. Your student should complete assignments in each subject area each day. 
  • Secondary Virtual Academy students should expect to spend a comparable amount of time to what they would spend in a traditional school setting to be successful. This will vary somewhat, but could extend past the hours of a traditional in-person school day if the student is in advanced courses that require additional homework.
  • Virtual Academy students will need a device. If you are switching to the Virtual Academy and do not have a device, please contact your campus to secure one. 
  • Virtual Academy courses are not taught by SAISD teachers, but Virtual Academy students will have a SAISD digital support teacher who will be available to provide support for students during the regular school day. 

Secondary (Middle School and High School) Course Availability:

  • Not all courses are available within each instructional model, so your student’s course schedule may require adjustments to be made by working with your campus counselor. 
  • It is also possible that in-person classes may not have the capacity for new students. This is less likely to be an issue with core courses like English and Math, and more likely when dealing with certain elective and advanced courses.
  • If your schedule requires adjustment, you can walk through the process when you receive your verification call concerning the switch request from your campus. If, after discussing any scheduling issues, you decide not to change instructional models, your student can remain in their current instructional model.

Instructional Model Switch Request Forms

Click the appropriate link(s) below to complete and submit the online Instructional Model Switch Request Forms no later than Tuesday, December 1, 2020. Upon successfully completing the request form, you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your submission. We recommend that you print or save a digital copy and keep the copy of the confirmation email for your records.

High Schools

Central High School (Main Campus and Oakes Campus)

Lake View High School

Middle Schools

Glenn Middle School

Lee Middle School

Lincoln Middle School

Elementary Schools

Alta Loma Elementary

Austin Elementary

Belaire Elementary

Bonham Elementary

Bowie Elementary

Bradford Elementary

Crockett Elementary

Fannin Elementary

Fort Concho Elementary

Glenmore Elementary

Goliad Elementary

Holiman Elementary

Lamar Elementary

McGill Elementary

Reagan Elementary

San Jacinto Elementary

Santa Rita Elementary

We appreciate our families’ and students' support and flexibility during this unique time. Your partnership is vital for a smooth transition into the next 9 weeks. Together, we will provide each student a positive educational experience and will make this a successful school year.